Our teachers – are creative, enterprising, responsible people, for whom work is not only a necessity, but also a pleasure.

Our main criteria in the selection of  fellow workers – is the teacher’s respect for children, the capability to accept the problems of children with understanding.


Our preschool – is a whole amazing world in which:

  • Conditions for successful education and development are created;
  • Honor and dignity of everyone are valued, mind and feelings thrive;
  • The main priority is an individual approach to the child, acceptance of his personal requests and interests, creating a situation of success for each child.
  • Finally, this is a common home, where we just feel wonderful together


– the English language methodologist of the preparatory school “LELEKA”.

She has been working as a teacher of foreign languages ​​for more than 25 years. Graduated from the Kyiv National Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages ​​with the specialty: “Foreign languages ​​- English and French”.

She is the creator of the author’s program and methodology for teaching English to the preschoolers. Read more …(article in russian) (http://lelekakiev.com.ua/index.php/biblioteka/35

English language is becoming more and more “younger”: officially it is already being studied from the first grade, and the teaching of pre-school children is still conducted by enthusiasts who respond to parents’ requests.
Teachers of the “Leleka” school provide training based on the acquired practical experience, a well-considered and tested program, clear calendar plans and formats of lessons and a great deal of author’s material.

She uses new modern methods and techniques in his work: creative tasks, discussions, modeling situations, interviews, projects that contribute to the formation of pre-school children’s interest in English, stimulates their cognitive activity.

In collaboration with other English teachers, she writes scripts and poems for holidays, author’s plays for children in English.


– Methodist of preparatory school “LELEKA”, a grammar teacher. She has two higher pedagogical educations in the specialties: “Organizer -methodologist of preschool education” and “Teacher of lower grades” (A M.P.Dragomanov National Pedagogical University).

For about twenty years she has been engaged in methodological development and has reached a high level in the implementation of the “Early Learning of Reading for Preschool Children”.

Main tasks of the author’s program:

  • prepare the child for successful study at the school;
  • Expand the communicative experience of preschool children, form and develop children’s skills of learning with peers and teachers.

Classes are held in groups and individually, can be interactive, usually include rhythmic exercises with music, finger gymnastics. Larisa Grigorivna widely uses various types of games, folklore, which contributes to creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere in class.


A teacher of fine arts. For many years now she is the inspirer of children’s artistic creativity, she is organizing and holding thematic exhibitions of children’s works.

Graduated from the MP Dragomanova National Pedagogical University, in speciality “Primary education and Visual arts “.

In parallel, she is a senior lecturer of the “Methods of Visual arts” department at the M.P. Dragomanova National Pedagogical University.

Classes on drawing, modeling and application are conducted with a subgroup of children using a variety of techniques and materials. Children are introduced to the elements of graphics, painting, decorative art. In the senior preschool age: a painting on batik, work with natural material, etc.

Vita Mykolaivna sometimes organizes exhibitions of children’s works, which are very popular among pupils. Such a meaningful and purposeful work allows children to engage in creative activity from an early age, realizing their potential, imagination, the desire to create.

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– a teacher of Ukrainian language and mathematics.

Successfully conducts work on the formation of mathematical and grammatical representations with preschool children. Higher education: A M. Gorky National Pedagogical Institute in speciality “Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology”.

She has a great experience of pedagogical work – more than thirty five years.

 In the context of implementation of new educational programs, she demonstrates a high level of pedagogical competence and professionalism.

She is valued by children and parents for her cheerful nature and inexhaustible creativity. She writes poetry, scripts for perfomances, creates conditions for her students, in which every child is successful.

Classes are conducted by subgroups of 5 to 6 children in a game form using a variety of speech, didactic and sensory material.

This kind of learning will be joyful and fulfilled for your child.

Markova Natalia Volodymyrivna

– Methodist of the preparatory school “LELEKA”, a teacher of mathematics. Has a higher pedagogical education, graduated from the MP Dragomanova Kiev National Pedagogical Institute, specializing in “Pedagogy and methods of educational work”, work experience of more thirty years.

Much attention is paid to the systematization of program material, the use of interactive technologies in the classroom, which is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the main directions of the educational program in mathematics.

LELEKA teachers have developed and a special mathematics program for children aged 2 to 6, which is being improved every year, the main goal of which is:

    Development of mathematical abilities in the process of acquaintance with the surrounding world;
    Acquaintance with the numbers and learning to count is simple and interesting;
    Solution of logical tasks;
    The ability to solve problems of various types with the application of this knowledge in practice;
    Easy to navigate in time and space relations;
    Familiarity with the concepts of geometry;
    Acquisition of practical skills, as well as abilities and skills of mental activity (synthesis, analysis, comparison, etc.).

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 – speech therapist, has a higher pedagogical education in the specialty “defectology”, graduated from the M.Gorky Kiev State Pedagogical University.

Professionally has been working for more than twenty years.

Holds individual classes with pre-school children, which include:

  • correction of sound;
  • Logopedic gymnastics;
  • finger games;
  • tasks for the development of fine motor skills.

Thus, the child’s vocabulary is replenished; While playing, children learn tongue twisters and poems, right speech is formed.


-psychologist: “I love children and I am sure that what we should give them is their roots and wings, that is, The right framework in which they can maximize their individuality. “

She graduated from the special faculty of the Institute of Practical Psychology of Social Work “Psychogenesis”, specializing in “Practical Psychology”.

Has been working as a psychologist-consultant since 1992 on the author’s method “Motivational teaching and development of preschool and primary school children using a personal computer”, which is aimed at increasing motivation to learn.

Helps parents to get practical guidance on any situations arising in a child’s life.

Twenty years of experience in consulting, regular observation; timely diagnosis of children allows parents to be informed in time about the needs of the child, as well as to adjust their behavior and learning.

One of the important factors that allow to areate a favorable atmosphere around the child is the constant interaction of the psychologist with the parents, children and teachers, as well as their education and consultation.


– creative, enterprising teacher, has been the artistic director of the theater studio of the preparatory school “LELEKA” for more than fifteen years.

She composes and writes author’s scripts and plays based on Russian and Ukrainian folk tales, as well as other artistic adaptations.

Works on the technique of early familiarizing the child with the art of theater. In these classes, small actors learn how to correctly speak and move on stage, improvise and enjoy the creative process. This helps them in the future to overcome constraint, not to be afraid of a large unfamiliar audience, to master the elements of oratory and feel more confident in life.

In close creative relationship with the entire teaching staff of the school, Natalia Erkinovna puts musical performances in different languages ​​(Ukrainian, English, Russian), and also takes part in preparing holidays and concerts.


– a choreographer, has been engaged in ballet since 3,5 years. She has been working in the sphere of musical education of preschool children for more than ten years, has graduated the M. Gorky Kiev pedagogical institute.

The choreography classes are starting with children of younger preschool age, and include the following stages:

  • Health-improving physical development;
  • dance moves;
  • school of dance – classics;
  • images in the dance;
  • dance miniatures.

Children are introduced to the notion of “musical phrase”, the position of legs and hands, exercises for rhythmic drawing with a change in tempo are given, she suggests a moving improvisation to music with a close interlacing of themes, close to the understanding of the kids.

Romanova Tetiana Vyacheslavivna

Talented and creative pedagogue, teacher of Art-Deco studio in the Preparatory School “Leleka”.
She received a diploma in the specialty “Teacher of Ethics, Aesthetics and Art History” at the B.D. Grinchenko Kyiv Interregional Pedagogical University.

She worked as a teacher of decorative art at the Kiev College, conducted master classes in design, but found her true passion, teaching preschoolers the basics of fine art and Art-Deco.
In Art-Deco studio classes, she introduces children to various drawing techniques, such as: ebru (drawing on water), monotype, graphography, drawing with threads ; As well as with applied techniques, for example, soap making, candle gel, batik, decoupage and so on.
In younger groups, classes take place in the form of a fairy tale, which encourages children to focus more and to perform tasks with more effort in order to obtain a magical result.
At an older age, children learn the basics of painting, graphics and composition.


Vishnevska Irina Mikhailovna

Teacher of French in the Preparatory School “Leleka”. She received her pedagogical education at the Shevchenko National University of Kiev, specializing in “Ukrainian language, literature and the French language.” In addition, Irina constantly improves her language skills, communicating with native speakers and attending classes in the French language school “Bonjour Français.” The level of language proficiency is an independent user according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Has two big hobbies in life: children and French! Irina’s work unites them successfully, that’s why she always takes pleasure in teaching her subject to the children and considers the little listeners her best colleagues at work!

She is convinced that for children the best stimulus in learning the language is the pleasure of the process. Thanks to the application of a communicative approach to language teaching, French is no longer an end in itself, but a means of communication in the game, so the child’s acquisition of lexical and grammatical material is easy and painless.

Among the colleagues Irina is seen as a balanced, purposeful, sociable, erudite person. The greatest passion in life is the French language and culture. Life credo is la vie est belle (life is beautiful).

Degtyareva Galina Mikhailovna

Teacher of German language. Even from a small age I wanted to bind my destiny with the upbringing of the younger generation, try myself at the role of an educator or a primary school teacher. And did not fail! Years later, she never gave up on her dream and became a German language teacher of in primary and middle school. Since 2007 she has been working in school N167 in Kiev with an in-depth study of the German language. On the same year her pedagogical experience in “Leleka” began as an attempt to work with the little ones, since the differences from primary school lessons are rather striking.
Having thoroughly studied the peculiarities of preschool psychological and physical development, she has built a method for working with children “Deutsch im Spiel”, which means learning German in a game form.
Galina likes to show initiative, tries to minimize the study of vocabulary while sitting at tables, and offers children songs, dances, outdoor games, board games (Memori, Bingo, Lotto), uses drawing elements in the classroom, accompanying them with German. For work, the literature of German publishers is used (Goethe-Institut, Klett, Cornelsen), and over the years the program for learning German for preschool children (4, 5, 6th year of life) was developed.
And of course, Galina is very fond of her work, and this is the main stimulus for finding something new and cognitive for children!

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