Psychological accompagnement

Our psychologist works in three directions:

A psychologist’s work with the children:

Apart from the development of the cognitive processes and cognitive sphere during the developing lessons, a psychologist also performs diagnostic and correctional work, contributes to formation of educational activity. The children are taught basic social skills: concentration, emotional self-regulation, an ability to cope with one’s emotions in a stressful situation and other important skills, especially essential in a primary school.

A psychologists work with the pedagogues:

In order to become a unified team (and this is the only way to achieve the best results with the children), consultations for the educators are performed from time to time, where on the basis of the proper principles of the child’s upbringing, they can develop an essential skill of communication with the children.

A psychologist’s work with the parents:

Individual consultations, including diagnostic of the parents (if necessary), where all questions related to your child’s life in and out of the kindergarten and/or preschool are solved. Also, according to the results of individual diagnostics of the children a psychologist will point out the proper principles of satisfying the psychological and age-related needs of the child and many other things.

Consultation and assistance of a neuropsychologist: for children with inclusive needs, or those who find it difficult to work in a group and socialize, we provide the opportunity to complete a course of individual neurocorrection with a qualified specialist. Neurodiagnosis and individual neurocorrection will help a child with peculiarities of development to adapt more quickly in society, as well as to make learning in the future more effective.


A school for Mums and Dads

We discuss with you such pressing questions of childhood development, as:

  • How to help your child during the adaptation period?
  • What does a parent need to know and do, so that a child is ready for primary school?
  • How to put a child into proper limits, without causing damage to his/her personality?
  • Should the one restrain or punish a child?
  • How and when is it necessary to form the a child’s skill of self-regulation, in order to evade psychosomatic  diseases?
  • How to introduce the “must” to a child’s life?Where does hyperactivity come from and what to do with it?
  • How to prevent an addiction to gadgets?  …And many other things

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